Angelique by Lily Bird Studios

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I am showing off Mack's Thanksgiving outfit which all revolves around the adorable Angelique dress and tunic by Lily Bird Studios.  I have made quite a few LBS patterns, and they never fail to impress.  The quality and attention to detail is universal throughout the pattern pieces and the instructions.


OK so let's take a look at some pattern details:

  • Size 1-10 year
  • Fabric requirements
  • Final Measurement Chart
  • instructions with clear color photos with obvious front and back side of fabric
  • optional piping detail
  • optional bow detail
  • 18 pages with color and dashed lines to show sizes

Things I did:

  • I added the lace and buttons to the front - my fabric choices I love for this tunic, but the front felt too plain and I didn't want to add the bow, lace and buttons just felt like the perfect finishing touch.
  • I chose the tunic length so that she could wear it with pants all winter, seeing that we already have snow, the girl needs all the warmth we can give her.
  • The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, but I just didn't have one... so I picked a universal zip that coordinated and called it a day.  I don't mind that the zipper shows, but if you are making this - make sure to pick up an invisible zip.
  • I sized up since my daughter fell between sizes and I knew she would wear a shirt under it.  Pay close attention to the chest measurement!

This pattern took me about 2 hours to make, but I think I could make a second one a bit faster now that I am familiar with the construction steps.

I paired the tunic with some corduroy ruffle pants of my own design.... nope, I'm not coming out with a ruffle pant pattern, but I did use my Aviator Pants pattern and just shortened them and added a ruffle.... I knew this pant had the perfect fit for Mack with a leg that was neither too wide or too narrow - WOOT!  Add in a bit of lace trim and you have the perfect coordinating pants that could also be worn with plenty of other things through the year.

The undershirt is my favorite top pattern of the year - the Rose Ruffle Shirt by Made for Mermaids (this is my fourth since the beginning of October).  This time I went with the shorter sleeve length and then double the ruffle length so that I could make a bubble ruffle - yay for no exposed seams.