Max and Matilda Button Up Body Suit by Peek a Boo Patterns

Today we take a look at our affiliate Peek A Boo Pattern's Max and Matilda Button Up Body Suit.  This is perfect for all the babes in your life who need the look of a tucked in shirt - you know shirts never stay tucked in!!!!  So the fact that this has a snap opening to cover up the diaper and close between the legs is ingenious!!!

Now here is Larissa to show off her Max and Matilda, Wedding Style, with the Peek a Boo Little Gentleman's Vest.....


Hi! I'm Larissa, owner of Ellie's Trunk. I was searching for a suit for my 1 yr old, and coming up with either cute and really expensive, or just okay and cheap. Since it was for my Brother in law's wedding, I wanted him to look handsome and adorable! Then Robin posted the review for this and I had that "A-HA!" moment! Hello! I sew! I could totally make this!
SO Handsome!

There are 2 options for the pattern, an oxford and a blouse, each with 2 sleeve lengths. There is also the option to add a pocket. I chose the long sleeve Oxford for his suit.
The pattern was easy to put together and cut out. There are quite a few smaller pieces for the collar stand, and the cuffs on the long sleeve option.
The pattern only mentions finishing your seams once in the sewing guidelines, which if you are a seasoned seamstress, you probably overlook, as I did, but I always finish my seams anyway.
There are plenty of detailed pictures on where to place interfacing and step by step directions. 

"What does the fox say?"

 The end result is amazing! I made the 18 month size (what he wears in RTW, because trying to measure a one year old is amazingly hard!), and the fit was almost perfect for my little cloth bottomed boy! Plenty of room for the fluffiest of cloth butts!
I didn't put a collar button/snap on, and now wish I had, he had a John Travolta/Saturday Night Fever look going! The collar came out awesome! Nobody at the wedding could believe his suit was made by me! My Father in Law said that if he had not seen me sew it, he would not have believed me!

 The sleeves were not super long, like most long sleeve one pieces are on him!

"You need this pattern!"

I added the Peek-a-boo vest and modified some Ellie Inspired pants to complete the look!
I hope you enjoy this pattern as well!