Tiddly Wink Toppers Hat from Stitchwerx Designs

Today we have a pattern that could work for the whole family! Kim from Stitchwerx has released her Tiddlywink Topper Hat and you can buy it for the littles or the bigs, and everyone in between! From today through Sunday, May 10, you can grab a great deal on the Preemie-12M Baby size, the 18M-Lrg Adult Sizes, or you can get ALL of the sizes in a combo listing. The combo is definitely the best sale deal, as you get all ten sizes for $5.75! The separate size groups are on sale for $4.50.  And now, without further ado, here's Erica with her review and Carrie with some great pics!

Hey there! I’m Erica from over at Lollipops & Paisley. This week I had the pleasure of sewing up my first pattern from Stitchwerx, the Tiddly Wink Toppers (S1202). First, my kids LOVE hats. I know a lot of kids don’t but all three of mine do. This pattern is sized 18 month through Large Adult, so it was perfect for my family. The best part about this pattern is the ease with which it comes together. It’s such a fast sew and you don’t need a serger (I didn’t touch mine, which is rare).

I love both styles. I started out making two Tiddly Wink Toppers, one for each of my girls in each style. Then my boy said he needed a new slouch hat too, so I made him one. Then both the little ones decided they wanted the opposite style they already had, so I ended up with 5 hats in two days. Cut to finish, I can whip one up in under 20 minutes, and I used the iron to make crisp seams!

A beginner could easily manage this pattern with a little patience. It would also be a great pattern to transition to sewing with knits. Stitchwerx has a included extensive instructions for working with knits in this pattern. If you don’t need those tips and tricks, just skip that section and jump straight into the pattern. I always try and read them to see if there’s some knew trick that could make my life easier!

Any fabric with stretch will work for this pattern. I played around and all of these hats have different fabric contents and stretch. I would probably even say a nice microfleece for winter would work nicely as well! The pink hat is even made with a spandex/lycra blend similar to swimsuit fabric. I think it’s perfect for summer! So head on over to Stitchwerx and grab the new Tiddly Wink Toppers! While you’re there, check out their other patterns! I think I’m adding that cloche pattern to my must buy list!

More photos from Carrie!

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