Marcelle Blouse by Jilly Atlanta

Hi! This is Kim from Kimmie Sew Crazy : )  I am here to review the Jilly Atlanta Marcelle Blouse PDF Pattern.  

A while ago I was scanning Etsy looking for a baby bonnet pattern when I ran across Jilly Atlanta’s shop. Not only did I think I needed her bonnet pattern, but I also felt that I may just need every Jilly Atlanta pattern : ). 

Make it or buy it? I know most of us seamstress moms have thought this before. Every time I walk into the toddler clothing section of my local Target, I feel a little sad.  Is this just me?  My gosh, are those clothes cute? I start to wonder why exactly it is that I spend so much time and money making clothes for Mila when I can walk in there and buy them.... sometimes, maybe even spend a little less. But then, I find and make a pattern like the Marcelle Blouse, and I am reminded exactly why sewing is the choice for me. The design-it’s original and gorgeous! You can buy cute kid clothes at Target, but NOT like this!

Jilly was inspired to make this top from the idea of a shawl, and when Mila has her arms down, it looks like a cape.  The pattern calls for lightweight fabrics, which give it that flowy, dreamy look. I used a floral gauze. Gauze is pretty forgiving and makes a good fabric for a beginner sewing this pattern. Everything came together very fast and was simple enough for a beginner to sew. Both the instructions and photos were clear.  

I made Mila a size 2 and the fit was pretty right on, but I would bet she will be wearing this again next year as well due to the flowy nature of the design.

The designer has a personable writing style in the pattern- neither overly friendly or overly dry. Although the dedication is not part of the pattern instructions,  I loved how sweet it is.

 I really enjoyed making this pattern and I can't wait to get a few of the others...That Girl Cape maybe, and the Beaded Collar  to add some more original, non Target creations to my daughter's closet.

Fabric for top was from my local Hancock Fabrics

Boots- Childrens Place

Pants- Crew Cuts