Evening Primrose Dress by Terra's Treasures

Hello Everyone! Rebekah here from Rebekah Sews.  Today I have the privilege of sharing yet another great pattern.  I wasn’t going to do a Valentine’s dress for baby girl this year as I swore I wasn’t going to buy more fabric.  Yes, go ahead and laugh.  Well, when I got this pattern I had no idea what I was going to do it in.  None of my fabrics were speaking to me.  It just so happens that I had to stop by Joann Fabrics for some thread and while I was there I took a look at the remnant bin.  Viola! Both of these fabrics were in there and were literally shouting at me to use them for this project.  I think they were perfect for this too!

Now that I have shared the inspiration I suppose I should tell you a little about the dress right?  Let me introduce you to the Evening Primrose by Terra’s Treasures.  Two words come to mind when I look at this dress.  Beautiful and Elegant.  I love that this dress can be made with cotton or would look equally beautiful in lush fabrics.  There are several options with this pattern.  You can make a dress or top, long sleeve or no sleeve, flutters or not, button loops or button extender, and of course ribbon accent or not.  The clear and concise tutorial shows you step by step instructions with illustrations on how to complete the project.  Now this project is by no means a nap time project.  I would say it took me about 3-4hrs to complete.  Also because of the pleats, button placket, multiple layers and hemming a curve I would say this pattern is good for an intermediate seamstress.  

You already know about my fabric choice so let me tell you about the rest of the top I made. Yes, I made a top, not a dress. I love the fact that this pattern comes with a top option as well.  Baby girl has plenty of dresses but isn’t a huge dress girl much to this mommy’s dismay, unless of course we are going out to an event or church.  She loves tunics and tops though with leggings as she tends to be a  little unlady like at this age.  So the option to have a top instead was perfect.  I made a size 18-24mo for her this time as she is actually growing!  The fit was great!  The only thing I did a little differently was my button loops.  Instead of making them with bias tape I used elastic loops.  Love using these as I like using different buttons. I just love this look and can’t wait for her to wear it to daycare so she can show it off to everyone for their Valentine’s celebration!

Want to show your special little girl some love?  Sew her up this dress and she will be jumping for joy.  It is a wonderful dress to dress up or down and of course Terra’s patterns never disappoint.  I have been sewing them up for years now and haven’t come across one I don’t like yet and that’s saying something!

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