Venice by New Horizons

Today Gloria walks us through the Venice Dress for Women by New Horizons and shows us how going outside your natural comfort zone can have gorgeous results.

The Venice Dress for Women by New Horizons (formerly Terra’s Treasures) was, at first glance, not a pattern for someone like me. Thirty pounds heavier, a grandmother of five ­­­ I could not see beyond the young girl on the cover of the pattern: hip, stylish and well, smaller than me. I wanted that look, but was afraid to try. The further into the pattern I read, the more my sewing magic encouraged me to continue. Included in New Horizon patterns for women are instructions to make adjustments so that you can achieve the fit you want ­­ Small & Large Bust Adjustments, Shortening/Lengthening, How to Measure for the best fit, etc. I did not have to search the internet for a blog or youtube video.

My favorite included instruction is “removing the dart” and I took advantage of that gem for this crochet knit fabric pool cover up. I’m very happy with the entire pattern, instructions and pattern pieces. This pattern does include several options (sleeveless, full sleeves, split short or long sleeves, maxi, hi-­low, mini dress length, split skirt); however, I wanted to give the stylish look a try before I went to the other options. I’m very glad I did because I am happy with the outcome and that’s what is most important to me!