Fabric Mixologist: RESULTS ARE IN!

It was another fabulous week on Top Stitchers! Jessica and RaeAnna took our imaginations around the globe with their Fernweh looks. 

Each contestant offered spectacular details (the ribbon finish! the tassels! If you missed it earlier, go check it out now!) Each worked with challenging fabrics - including faux leather in both looks, and lightweight silky fabrics like Georgette and traditional Kimono fabric. This is NOT your standard quilter's cotton. These ladies pushed themselves (and their machines) and the results are two awesome, wearable looks that their daughters - and our readers! - love. 

Their fellow topstitchers weighed in:

"Another fabulous week!!! Great job to both!

RaeAnna- I LOVE the Hong Kong finish technique to the side seams, and I am pinning your blog post to use in the future! Living in Hawaii, there is a strong Japanese influence and I LOVE the great imported fabric I get to play with at our local fabric shops.

Jessica- I am SO proud of you for really going outside your comfort zone and using some tough fabrics that ended up giving you a fabulous, well put together look. The bag is the perfect accent, and THOSE tassels on the socks!!! I.die. Fabulous!" - Cassie

"I love that both ladies started off using music as their inspiration! I know I say it every week, but how on earth are we supposed to pick our favorite??

I adore RaeAnna's dress and how it conveys the look of a kimono without actually being a kimono. The accident with the serger was certainly a happy one - the tag on the back of the bodice adds a fun element. And the pop of pink with the ribbons on the side is just perfect!

I have always longed to go to Scotland and Ireland, so Jessica's outfit really speaks to me. I love the unusual placement of the plaid and the "sporran" purse. I have to admit though - the tassels on the socks are probably my favorite detail ;)" - Amy

Without further ado, help me to congratulate our sewists on their high marks!!

See you all next week for our next sew-down!