Fun with Funktional Threads

Fun with Funktional Threads

For this tour, I decided to go back to the Rachel Knit Dress.  This is a super versatile pattern, and I love versatility.  I'm sewing clothes for Mack to wear to school - EEEEEEEEP, I know, my baby is going to pre-school 2 days a week this year!!!!  So, I decided to make the Rachel a top.  To achieve this look, I simply used only the top (shortest) flounce - this gives the perfect length for a tunic top!

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Design Your Own Princess Sew Along - DAY 1

Day 1 of the 'Design Your Own Princess Sew Along' starts today! We have some awesome ladies that will be showing you how to take one of three patterns and turn it into everyday wear for your princess at home. Sew along with us for a chance to win some awesome prizes at the end of the week. Choose one of the three sponsored patterns, we can't wait to see what you have created! Violet Field Thread's Cosette, Boo! Design's Grace, or the Made for Mermaid's Molly are the perfect canvas to start your Princess outfit off right. If you haven't already, and would like the "sewcial sewing experience" join the Pattern Revolution Group on Facebook. Here you can share your in process photos, ask questions, brainstorm, and share inspiration. Plus we'll be sharing how to create even MORE princess looks in the group! 

Day 1:

  • Choose the pattern that best fits your style.
  • Choose which princess or character you are wanting to create.
  • Sketch out a plan.
  • Go shopping! (Seriously the best part, right?)

Princess #1 - Tinkerbell

Pattern: VFT Cosette     Created by: Serena

I used a free paper doll printable from Lil Blue Boo to sketch out my plan of attack. I decided to make a double square skirt so that it was frilly and twirly, the top part is a circle cut extra large to give it a twirly fullness. To figure out the square skirt I followed this tutorial over at Make it & Love it to get an idea of how to cut the circle and then I just added to the circumference to make it extra full.

Princess #2 - Elsa

Pattern: M4M Molly     Created by: Lisa

Hi there!  For the sew along my daughter chose Elsa and Anna.  I will be using the The Molly top tunic and dress pattern by Made For Mermaids for the Elsa dress.  For the fabrics I will be using 100% cottons with a little bit of blue sequins on the bodice.  I will also use some shiny silver trim.  There will be a few minor modifications to achieve the look I want.  Details on those later.

Princess #3 - Anna

Pattern: Boo! Grace     Created by: Lisa

Since my daughter couldn't decide on one character we are making an Anna dress too!  This time I'm using the Grace dress by Boo Designs.  Grace dress has 5 skirt styles, I'm doing the Vanilla skirt it is a little less full.  Again I will be using 100% cottons and a gold trim.  I have a few modifications to make on this one too.  Come back tomorrow for more details.

Princess #4 Belle

Pattern: M4M Molly Created by: Sarah

Hi! This is Sarah and I used the Molly pattern by Made for Mermaids to make a Belle tunic.  To make your own Molly Belle, you will need all of the notions and fabric listed in the pattern, plus:

  • Extra fabric for the overskirt (I took the length of the skirt and multiplied it by 1.5.  Since you will need two of those      pieces, you will need enough extra fabric to cut both pieces.  For the size 10, I needed and extra 1.5 yards.)
  •  One spool of ¾” or ⅝” ribbon
  • Wash Away Wonder Tape (optional, but it really makes life easier!)
  • A pin on flower or supplies to make your own flower for the bodice.  

Princess #5 Frozen Fever Elsa

I’m totally addicted to PRINCESS!!

Any excuse I have to create a certain character for my girls to enjoy and love wearing makes it worth all the time I spend planning and usually mashing up a few different patterns to create the look I envisioned.

When I signed up to be apart of this sew along… I was so excited about the theme of the sew along. I had to think what Princess do I want to create and naturally I will be doing two looks but, only showing step by step for one.

Bella and Clara Mae are obsessed with Frozen. {What child isn’t though :) } So I took on the challenge of doing Frozen Fever inspired looks and for the sew along I will be doing the Ice Queen herself. Snow Princess I’ll link up after the sew along is done.


See you all tomorrow for DAY 2, we'll be cutting everything out!