We interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program....

In case you missed our little announcement last week, Becca and I have been selected to compete in the first season of Challenge Create: Adult Edition over at Skirt Fixation.

This is a fun new competition that fits right in with our desire to encourage self care sewing.  So be prepared to see our smiling faces reminding you to vote each Friday in April.

Our machines are buzzing, our funny stories are growing, and we are pumped.... BRING IT!

Here are the themes - and there are prizes for people sewing along too - so get your supplies ready and sew along so that you can win some cool stuff!


1: Nature Inspired

Spring is in the air, and that means everything is springing to life, and so will your fashions this week if they are inspired by nature!  Daffodil and crocus bulbs sticking their heads out of the ground, baby animals, soft pastel colors everywhere, and cherry trees spreading the cheer with their gorgeous blossoms.  Whatever inspires your design as Spring is sprung will surely make your whole project bloom.

2: Refashion

There is nothing quite as satisfying bringing an item back into usable condition.  Curtain, tablecloth, hole-y sweater, muumuu, or boyfriend shirt, no matter where you begin, the end result is sure to be amazing when you refashion!

 3: (Hint of) Vintage

No question about it, there have been some amazing fashion creations in the past!  Which vintage fashion catches your eye?  Incorporate something from that into your creation this week.  Because unless you have an upcoming Renaissance Revival Fair, no one really needs a whole brocade dress complete with pearls and panniers!  (And if you are making a costume for the next Civil War reenactment…bring it on!)

4: Destash Time

Alright, we admit it, we have a little fabric habit!  So if you’re anything like us (we have yet to meet a seamstress who isn’t) you’ll be able to sew from your stash this week.  It’s time to open unused patterns, raid the ribbon box (or boxes!) and get out that fabric hoard!  You’ll be really glad you did when the prizes are awarded next week and the winners get to stock up all over again with supplies from our generous sponsors!!  (Yes, we are encouraging you to both take from and add to your stash, but you understand!)


Here's a little hint for our week one: one out of our hundreds of photos that is providing inspiration for our Nature Looks.... we submit these Sunday, but you have to wait until next week to see!