Going on Vacation: Packing

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So for me, I feel that the most stressful part of going on vacation can be the PACKING!!!  But let's all take a deep breath, take a tip from Elsa, and Let it Go.....  Here are some helpful tips from me to make your packing easier.

1. Don't stress!!!  Seriously, just don't!  If you are traveling within the US, you will have a Walmart or Target near by to replace anything you might forget.  So make a cup of tea, or poor a glass of wine and set aside an evening to do your packing - that's right, pack AFTER the kids are in bed, fewer distraction result in a much smoother packing experience.

2. Make a list.  Yep, just do it.  On your list include things like batteries and chargers for all electronic devices.  Don't forget to include snacks on your list - you'll want those on a car ride or plane flight.  Also don't forget shoes on your list.... plan on wearing a casual pair, and pack a second pair that are either dressier or fit a specific need (like water shoes).  Make sure you have a small first aid kit - bandaids, aloe, and tylenol.

3. Pile it up.  When I pack, I start by making a pile for each person.  I lay out bottoms, tops, under garments, and night wear.  I always include one more outfit than the number of days we are traveling for.  I pick bottoms that are versatile and can go with multiple tops.  By laying out the piles first, I can make sure that I am not forgetting anything.  For Mack and I, I get ziplock bags that I fill with the accessories that complete our outfits - bows, jewelry, hair bands, etc...

By packing in pile, you can neatly fit everything in without the cram of a bulging bag!

By packing in pile, you can neatly fit everything in without the cram of a bulging bag!

4. Pack it together.  I try to pack bags based on who will be in a room together - if you are all sharing one room, this doesn't matter as much, but it does help to have some separation in the bags.  So, my twins always share a bag.  Hubs and I share a bag, and Mack - little princess that she is, gets a bag of her own.

5.Wet Gear.  Chances are, that no matter where you are going, you will spend some time at a pool, ocean, lake, waterpark, or other body of water.  Always pack 2 swimsuits per person!!!  It just protects you against murphy's law, I promise.  Remember that hotels have towels and so will your extended family.... so only spend space on towels if you are going to a location that wont provide them for you.   Jules and I used to travel yearly to the OBX.  One of my favorite memories was stopping our first day at one of the numerous tourist trap stores to buy fun towels - they aren't pricey and they remind me of those trips every time I pull them out at bath time.  Pack a wet bag in your suitcase!!!  For me, that is my new Sun and Surf Laminate Tote.  It will carry all our essentials to the water, and then transport the wet items back to where we are staying neatly contained. 

6. Some extras that you won't regret.  Pack some gallon sized ziplock bags, pack a garbage bag or two, and pack a stain stick.  The ziplock bags will be the perfect size for a garment that might contain an accident.  We use a garbage bag to hold all our dirty laundry through the week.  And that stain stick may just save a favorite garment!!!

Hope these tips help you as you head off on your adventures for the summer!!!  Don't forget to share your hour of sewing each day this week with us #PRtakesKCWC