18" Doll Clothes with Violette Field Threads Doll Patterns

We are featuring more of the new Violette Fields Threads 18" Doll Clothes Patterns today and it's all about the dolls! Kari sewed up 8 different pieces and Kim and Lisa joined in the fun with some outfits as well.  

Hi there!  I’m Kari from That’s-Sew-Kari showing off some cute new doll patterns!  When I saw the doll pattern release, I tried not to look… I failed… miserably 😜Who can resist the cuteness?  I settled on the Lucy Pants and the June Dress.  While I wanted to sew a matching girl version, it’s much too cold to wear these styles right now so instead, I raided my scraps and created outfits with fabrics they already have outfits for!  

The night I started looking at fabric, I quickly had EIGHT outfits… haha.  And I wanted ALL of them so I cut them all out and sewed them over the course of the week.  I decided the Lucy Pants needed a shirt so I chose the free Lola Top & Dress pattern, but modified the bottom skirt portion a bit on both.  

I sewed the Shopkins June first in the batch of Junes.  After trying on the doll, I ended up shortening the elastic by ½” on the next two.  I preferred it to be a bit tighter across the back.  I also decided that using an elastic loop and button closure will be much easier, especially for my 5 year old!

I had an absolute blast sewing these outfits,  dressing the dolls and photographing them.  My girls were waiting impatiently because they were eager to get their hands on all the new outfits!  They haven’t stopped playing with them which is a total win in my book.  We have 3 different brands of dolls and the clothes had no issue fitting on any of the 3 brands! (American Girl, Our Generation, My Life)

Just a word of caution, if you are new to doll clothes making:  Because the pieces are a miniature version, I find  the sewing is a bit more fiddly than normal sewing.  Just take your time and enjoy the process!  The seam allowance is just ¼” so precision is a must!

Now I want to sew ALL the doll patterns and am wondering why I haven’t been sewing matching outfits for my girls all along?!  This mama has been slacking!

Kari's June Dresses

Kari's Lucy's and Lola's

Lisa's Lainey

Lisa's Matilda

Lisa's Sommer

Lisa's Luna

KIm's Maisie