LuLu Pettiskirt by Tulips and Edelweiss

Review of Tulips and Edelweiss' pattern, 

Lulu the pettiskirt

By: Melissa VerHulst

Hello followers of the Revolution, my name is Melissa. I am the mastermind behind the boutique Three Dutch Divas, named for my three beautiful dutch daughters that not only light up my life but give me the passion and inspiration to make beautiful boutique clothing!

Last week I had the pleasure of making the Lulu pettiskirt by Tulips and Edelweiss. You can find the pattern here Lulu Ruffled Pettiskirt.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this pattern! Well I guess I can, here I go...

Many years ago I followed the TuTu making trend like everyone else, but in all of my 22 years of sewing I never attempted making a pettiskirt! First of all they look complicated and overwhelming and second nylon chiffon was never available in ANY retail store! To be honest I never planned ahead and bought it online! I'm a spur of the moment girl, I like to grab my fabric on a whim when I find a few extra minutes to make something! So the first bonus to this pattern was it did NOT require nylon chiffon!! 

You can use all different types of fabrics that are sold in stores and it comes out amazing! Mine is made from Muslin, tulle and organza. Here it is!! 

This beautiful skirt is comprised of many layers. That is the trick to the POOF! The first layer Mira actually suggest for you to use a natural or light weight cotton fiber since this layer is in contact with their legs. I used Muslin on mine. That must have done the comfy trick because I couldnt get this petti off of my little sweetie! Seriously.... she wanted to wear her Lulu and ONLY her Lulu! 
Here she is Rockin it!!

 Each layer is finished off with a cute ruffle that peeks out of the bottom of the skirt. I used blue, red and white tulle. I liked using tulle since I didn't have to roll the hem or do anything to finish it.  You might or might not have to finish your ruffles depending on what fabric you choose. Although adding a rolled hem to the bottom of your ruffles is just another way to add a little color pop, or extra character to your Lulu!

There are photographs as well as a TON of diagrams that will guide you step by step. Everything is very well explained! At first glance I was thrown off by the metric chart because most of the other patterns I have only provide standard measurements in inches. This pattern gives you a chart for BOTH! So if your here in the U.S. like me you can skip right past the metric chart and use the standard measurements. For our international friends, there is a chart with Cm. provided for you,  NO MATH!!  Heyyy-ohhh!

 Did I mention it also includes the pattern for a doll version?!?!

I haven't had time to make a doll version YET! So here is another shot of MY doll!! 

This pattern is recommended for the intermediate sewer, but i will tell you that in my opinion I think it requires more patience than skill. If your a beginner with a LOT of motivation and some time on your hands for some serious RUFFFLLLINGGG!!! Then go for it!! 

I spent an evening into the Wee hours of the night ruffling up a storm to create my little masterpiece. I was absolutely thrilled when my baby girl spent the next evening to wee hours of the night wearing and even sleeping in it!!  

This pattern is a must have! You can make it as a stylish little petti to be worn as an outfit, or make it to go under other boutique dresses to give the the Oomph they need to really shine!!

You can keep up with Mira and follow whats going on with Tulips and Edelweiss on 
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 This adorable pattern can be purchased HERE!!

Thanks again and Happy sewing,  from Three Dutch Divas!

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