Kate Pleat Skirt by Calm Boutique Patterns

Hello there dear readers.  Today, we are sharing a brand new designer with you.  Let me introduce you to Calm Boutique Patterns and their adorable Kate Skirt.  This pattern has a flat front and a pleated back to give a skirt with plenty of fun fullness, but still a classic clean silhouette.  With a high waistband and elasticized back of the waist, this pattern has a comfortable fit with room to grow.

One of the fun details about this pattern is that you can either print the 20 pages with color coded pattern pieces, or there is a full chart on page 3 that gives you the measurements for cutting the pieces.  Best of both worlds!

The Kate Skirt is available in size 3-8 and includes a chart with fabric and elastic requirements.  We are hoping to soon see a finished measurement guide and sizing guide added to this great pattern to help determine the perfect size for your child. Both reviewers found that with the flexible fit, their children fit in their RTW size.

Now here are Becca and Paige to share their creations and thoughts on this new designer to keep an eye on!

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review


Once upon a time, there lived a toosh-less toddler. We'll call her "Kaelyn" (...because that's her name...). She had a closet full of tunics, dresses, and leggings. To the mini-fashionista, she "had it all". 

But in her heart, there was something missing. 


Skirts were missing. 

You see... they'd had a falling out (down?) so long ago, that no one can remember the details. (Ahem - she had no hiney. Couldn't hold 'em up. #lookinlikeafoolwithherskirtontheground) 

(Sick of the Fairy Tale theme? Good! Me neither!)

Until one day, Kaelyn's fairy godmother, Kate Pleat, came to the rescue!

"Come, Kaelyn! There's a world of high-waist, faux-shirred skirts that even YOU can wear!"

The world in question? A lovely little place called Calm Boutique Patterns

And just like that, Kaelyn and The Skirt were reunited.



 So let's talk it out, Momma-to-momma (or grandmomma, or shop owner, whatever- I'm flexible!):

This pattern, though labeled intermediate, was actually more of a beginner pattern. If you can make an elastic casing (and you can), you can make this skirt. Which is nice, because it makes for a relatively quick sew. 

The precision of the pleats is a bit time-intensive, but definitely not any more so than other ruffle or tiered skirt patterns on the market.

The faux-shirred panel makes for a flexible fit, and (as with all skirts) it's easily adapted to fit your desired length! 

I especially love that this is a *great* pattern to feature a print on the front panel. I'd been saving this fabric to use with a pattern that would feature the large peacock print, and I love how it turned out!


 Now, being a new designer, there were some small details to be ironed out. (See what I did there??) 

The fabric requirements didn't quite add up for my directional print. Had I used a non-directional print, it would have worked out fine, but alas.. I was a few inches short with this print and had to make a trip back to the fabric store. Couldn't very well feature that peacock SIDEWAYS now could I!? *the pattern does state that you may need more for a directional print, I just like to see charts that account for the greatest amount of fabric needed - makes it easier to buy what I need*

The assembly was REALLY easy, but even this seasoned sewist was intimidated by step 18. The fabric used in the tutorial is gorgeous, for sure, but for the sake of clarity it could have helped this visual learner understand the assembly if she'd represented each piece (skirt, waistband, front panel) with different fabrics, or labeled these pieces in the image. A minor hiccup in a pattern with otherwise exceptionally clear photos

Lastly - since I think this should be marketed as a beginner pattern, I would have preferred a note about top stitching the waistband where it adjoins to the pleated skirt. It's a great teaching opportunity for new seamstresses, to explain the benefits of top stitching. In this case, the top stitching helps the pleats maintain their shape and lay flat when joined with the elasticized waist. 

All in all, it's an adorable little skirt, and my daughter was "swishing" from side to side in it all day. (We're not coordinated enough just yet for a twirl!) I see many more of these in Kaelyn's future :)

Oh yeah. And Everett wanted to say hi. #nakedbabyphotobomb

Oh yeah. And Everett wanted to say hi. #nakedbabyphotobomb


Happy New Year!  Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2014.  To start off the year, I made Kate’s Pleated skirt pattern by, new to me designer, Calm Boutique Patterns.  Skirts are one of my favorite things to sew.  They can be worn all year and styled in so many different ways through the changing seasons.  

This skirt has a high waist and a flat front.  It is an intermediate level pattern but if you're an advanced beginner and know how to make pleats, you shouldn't have any problem making this.  Numbered instructions with color pictures will guide you through the steps and an email address is included if you have any questions. The pattern includes sizes 3-8 which works great for 2 of my girls. I made the size 6 and the fit is great. 

The designer provides both metric and imperial measurements.  A list of materials and a fabric requirement chart are included.  You also have a choice of using measurements to cut skirt pieces or there are 20 pages of pattern pieces which can be taped together.  For my skirt, I used the quick sew option and cut the pieces out using my cutting mat and rotary cutter.  I also used the measurements on the mat to quickly mark the placements for the pleats.  Easy peasy!!!!!  Overall, this skirt took me a little under 2 hours. 

I really like the skirt and the unique look.  If you're like me and always looking for something new to sew, be sure to check out Calm Boutique patterns.  I'm looking forward to seeing what else the designer comes out with in 2014.  Have a great year and Happy Sewing!