Willow Dress by My Childhood Treasures

If you're looking for a simple Fall dress with lots of options, keep reading! Erica and Carrie are bringing you their reviews of the newest dress from My Childhood Treasures, the Willow Dress! So take a break and see what they have to say!
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Hello, friends! I saw this dress available for review and jumped at a chance to sew it up. My daughter really only wants to wear knits over cottons so I have been looking for patterns that are good for everyday wear. I like that the Willow Dress has three options. One is the one I made, another has a tulle overlay, and the third has a peplum skirt.

We picked the first one because we had been at the thrift shop the week before and picked out a Tinkerbell shirt to use for something. The graphic is fairly large and I was thinking it would not make a good top piece but it worked out perfectly as a skirt. This dress also lends itself to added embellishments and I was thinking that adding an applique to the bodice would look really nice as well.

The dress was very easy to sew and piece together. There are about 20 pages to print for the pattern. The bodice, skirt, sleeves, and neckline. I used different types of knit for each of the different pieces and it worked well together. The pattern is laid out with text on one side and a coordinating picture on the other side. It is very easy to see and understand what to do for each step.

The dress took less than an hour to cut out and sew together. I would recommend this for a beginner seamstress but a more advanced seamstress could have a lot of fun creating and experimenting with the pattern. The Willow dress is a good basic A line shaped dress that can be used as a wardrobe staple.

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This pattern includes sizes 2-10 and has 3 different variations for the skirt you can choose from.  It can be left just a straight skirt (like you see peeking out under the purple), tulle overlay or a peplum frill.  There is also a template to add a sweet little bow to the front.   I decided
to go with the tulle overlay.  Although it calls for tulle, I had some stretch chiffon lying around that has been begging for the right project and this was it!   I think you could also easily
substitute stretch lace for a gorgeous dress!

The directions were very well written and easy to follow.  There were also a few pages
of basic information that are fabulous if you're new to using knits or maybe just want a quick refresher. 

I would say this is a fabulous pattern for beginners as well as a great naptime project (or lunch hour if you work outside the home like myself).   I've been almost exclusively sewing with knits for a few years now and would have loved this to be my first dress, it would have made knit much less intimidating!

I should note that I made a minor adjustment to the hem.  Rather than the traditional fold under and stitch; I opted for a rolled hem in a contrasting color for just a little pop. 

Some of you might notice I'm missing my regular model, my daughter Ryleigh.  While she's visiting her grandparents for fall break, I lucked out and my adorable little neighbor agreed to fill in.   Just wanted to say thank you Lindsay and Rilynn for helping me out!