Surround Me With Love Skirt by Plucky Butterfly Designs

Today we are taking a look at the Surround Me with Love Skirt by The Plucky Butterfly Designs.  This is the first design for this designer and it is such a cute concept for the little girls in your life.  The pattern comes in size 2-10y and is designed for either a mix of knit and woven or all knit.

Check out the reviews by Paige and Trisha to find out more!


I'm back to review the Surround Me With Love Skirt by The Plucky Butterfly Designs.  This skirt is made with woven fabrics and has a knit yoga band which provides a comfy fit.  The pieces go together to form heart shapes.  How cute is that?  You can make your hearts with one fabric or mix them up any way you choose.   I used a bunch of different fabrics to make my skirt and I love the combination.  It's also a great way to use up those leftover fabric remnants.

My daughter loves that she can twirl and twirl.  That made it hard to get any photos but it's a fun skirt and seeing her happy about something I made is what it's all about.

This pattern comes with:
*3 pages of pattern pieces
*charts for fabric requirements, finished measurements, and cutting instructions
*Options for making a knit yoga waist or a woven drop-waist
*Options for making a serged or bias tape finish
* Suggestions for completing the entire skirt with knits
*Easy to follow instructions with accompanying pictures
*Lots of photo samples for inspiration

As suggested in the instructions, be sure to use the cotton lycra fabric for the waistband because you will need to stretch it to attach the skirt.  This is a size 6 and it has a nice overall fit.  Go make the Surround Me With Love skirt and watch your girl(s) twirl and laugh with delight!!!!  


Hi everyone! It's Trisha here to tell you all about the Surround Me With Love skirt by The Plucky Butterfly.

The first time I saw this skirt I knew my daughter would love it. First off, it's super twirly.  That is the first thing she did when she put it on.  When my sister came to visit she had to go put it on to show her how twirly it was.

 Next it's made up of a bunch of hearts! Plus, you can use lots of different fabrics to make it as fun and funky as you want.

You can make this with either knits or wovens.  I chose to do wovens for this one.  For the waistband you can either do a knit yoga style band, or there are also instructions for using woven and elastic.

I used a serger to make this, but you can do it with a sewing machine.  If you use a serger you can just do a rolled hem on the bottom of the hearts.  For a sewing machine you use bias tape to enclose the ends.

It is a quick sew and definitely a beginner pattern.  I think it took me longer to cut it out than it did to put it all together.  My daughter loves it so I call that a win!