Trinity Tee by Rock the Stitch

Hello Pattern Revolution readers! I’m excited to share my review of the Trinity Tee by Rock the Stitch - I really loved this sweet pattern!

It’s got a huge range of sizes included, a variety of finishing options (including visible and concealed facings for the neckline and hem), and cuffs/bands for the different sleeve lengths. The signature of the pattern is definitely the inverted triangle that takes up most of the front, and can be cut from knits OR wovens. So much versatility here!

I used flannel for the triangle and cotton/lycra on the one shown here; I’ve got another one cut with stretch french terry for the back/sides/sleeves and woven cotton for the triangle. I’d like to try out an exposed zipper for that one as well. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow; the construction is a little different due to the shape of the pattern pieces but it is very straightforward to assemble.

The fit is fantastic for Miss P - I used the measurement chart included in the pattern to select a size, and the fit was as expected. Because of P’s measurements, I often have to blend pattern sizes and add a bit of length, and that was a little challenging to do with the Trinity tee because of the construction and shape. There aren’t any lengthen/shorten lines included on the pattern pieces and the tutorial doesn’t include any info about adjusting length. That’s the only quibble I had about the Trinity tee, and it’s pretty minor.

It is a fun pattern to sew (I love watching pattern pieces come together when they’re a little harder for me to visualize, anyone else with me on that??) and I love that it looks different from the parade of handmade that fills her closet these days. My husband even commented on how cute it looked, which is pretty major over here (not that he liked it, but that he NOTICED. Ha!). Miss P loved it and asked to wear it to school immediately, so it passed the kiddo test too. I’m excited to sew up more of these for her, and I love that the range of options included will make it possible to do that without them all looking the same! What will you sew first?? Make sure to join us over on FB and show off your work!

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Carrie's Version

Leonie's Version