Womens Sazerac Shift Dress by Seamingly Smitten

Hey everybody, I feel like it has been a while since I was over in this section of the blog writing a review.  But today I get to share the fun and super simple Women's Sazerac Shift Dress from Seamingly Smiltten.   Check out all the SS patterns as they are 50% off through 3/12!!!

Now I have to admit, I wasn't so sure about me and my curves and a shift dress, but sometimes it is fun to explore new shapes on your figure.  I've been sewing up Jenny's patterns for the past couple years and I love that they are fast to sew and beginner friendly. They also don't eat up paper - this pattern prints in just11 pages, practically unheard of in the land of women's sewing.  Since I have been working with her patterns for a while, I know that Jenny designs for a rectangular body shape.  Many models and actresses are rectangles, I however am not, but I know what to do.

To fit my curves, I simply blended between the Large for the shoulders and bust to the XL for the hips.  This way I still get the shift fit without feeling like my hips and tummy are a bit too much on display.  WOOT!  I always suggest that people muslin when they are starting out with a new pattern, and since I was writing a review, I took my own advice and muslin-ed up a quick top length version for myself.  My sizing blend was spot on for a casual and chic fit. I made both of mine in knit, but if I was doing a woven, I would probably bump up one more size.

Now onto my dress.... except I really wouldn't wear this as a dress - I know me and I have made a commitment to only sew things for my closet that will get worn.  I might not wear a shift as a dress, but I would wear it as a tunic with leggings or skinnies (or shorts this summer - summer is coming at some point, right!).  To get this length, I simply cut the pattern about 3 inches shorter than the petite cut line.

I am really loving this top and know I will wear it year round, and with about a 45 minute print to finish time table, I can make as many as I want!