Two Zip Hipster by Erin Erickson

I use one of two store-bought hipster-style bags daily.  Neither of them are the right color or print.  So here I am, making my own Two Zip Hipster by Erin Erickson.  And this bag is going to be a hit with my friends & family because it is going to be a part of who I am:  “the chicken lady”.  

I took a few deep breaths and cracked open the pattern, reading through the entire PDF before beginning to sew.   Much to my delight, the instructions were carefully written and I did not chicken out!  All fabric, interfacing, notions/hardware were listed in the pattern, together with notes about types of zippers, which needles are best for bag making, and advice as to how to shop and choose hardware.  

You can print the pattern pieces or follow the measurements for each.  I printed the pattern pages and assembled the pieces because I prefer a “label” of sorts to keep my pieces in check.   Just for you, I measured my pattern pieces (which include the numerical measurement and piece designation --A, B, C, etc.--), and my pieces were all the correct size once assembled.  

Honestly, when I finished the bag, I was amazed that I hadn’t flown the coop but instead stayed with it all the way to the end.  Following the directions, I made a great bag, and my zippers look great & work!  You know what I’m talking about -- have no fear, you can make this bag and it will turn out great!  If you’re feeling a little flighty, Erin has a blog with tips, tricks, more pdf patterns . . . and more!)  

Now I’m off to deliver eggs to our neighbors and show off my Two Zip Hipster!

Happy Sewing,

Gloria June