Gypsy Dress by Designer Stitch

I've been eyeing the Gypsy Dress from Designer Stitch Sewing Patterns for several weeks, because I have a similar store bought dress that I love and have been wanting to recreate for awhile. In fact, I have tried to recreate it twice but it wasn't quite right. So, I was very excited to find a pattern for this dress!

After sewing my Gypsy dress I found several things I love about it. First, it has options! There are four different hem options and two bodice options which means you can sew the same pattern several times and get different results! Second, you can print in layers which saves ink and makes it easier to trace your size. Lastly, my very favorite part of this pattern is the sleeves! This dress has dolman sleeves and they drape so beautifully on my arms. This is definitely a dress that will get a lot of wear this spring!

Jackie's version: