Make it a Crossover Christmas

Hi, it’s Merav from Baby Hobbes Design and I LOVE to stretch out OUR Pattern Bucks. Today I will be showing you how to transform the Cap-Sleeved Jocole Crossover Dress (comes in tunic length too) into a long-sleeved dress.

The day I received this pattern, I also received my Kiddie Print Girl SuperHero Knit  and I knew my 5 year old Hobbes will flip over this dress. I was glad to have this pattern. With its snug A-line skirt, I knew a fat-half would go a long way. I chose to sew the binding and the skirt in it. The solid knit fabric is from Purple Seamstress.

The Crossover Tunic or Dress Pattern comes in size Child (12m-14 & doll) and Adult ( xs-xxxl) and has a relaxed fit empire bodice and 3 different length A-line skirts. The cap sleeves length is actually an extension from the bodice pattern. In order to add length to the sleeves and to stretch this pattern into chilly weather-wear readiness; I drafted a new bodice piece by combining the bodice of the Classic Knit Tee  and creating armhole curves, tapering the side of the bodice and sewing Classic Knit Tee sleeves into the dress.

Since both patterns come in both girl's and women's sizes, you can even make one of these beauties for yourself! Below are the steps I used to get my results. For additional support, see Jocole Blog here

Make it.

Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces in the desired size and mark. Draw a vertical line on each bodice piece-marking where the neck scoops ends and the shoulder begins (I used this line to line up my patterns).

Step 2: Using the front bodice, place the Tee pattern on top of the Crossover bodice pattern, making sure the vertical line you drew in step 1 lines up underneath. Mark the new armpit-curve while keeping the neck-curve as is. Cut.

Step 3:  Once your arm curve is cut out, you will need to add back the missing bottom left piece of your previous arm curve; I chose to trace it on a piece of paper.

Step 4: Now that you have a new drafted bodice pattern, cut it out and repeat step 2 and 3 with the back bodice.

Step 5: Construct using both patterns instructions. I chose to first follow the crossover dress instructions including step 5 (binding); then I turned over to the Classic Tee instructions and added the sleeves. Once I had the sleeves sewn, I returned back and followed the Crossover Dress instruction through completion.

There you have it! A few easy steps and you are already stretching you pattern bucks. I can’t wait to try the Crossover dress in it’s original cap-sleeved length in the Spring; but for Chicago Winters, I am loving this version.

Till next time, happy sewing!

~Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design