Giving the gift of socks just got a whole lot more interesting!!!

We've all been there, opening gifts Christmas morning when you get to that dense, lumpy package (that usually says, from 'mom'); and you just know you got your yearly issue of new socks....ummm, gee thanks!   Well thanks to The Wolf and the Tree, giving socks is no longer hum drum!!!!  Take socks for adults up a notch by making them a gift that your sisters will squeal over and that will put a sloppy smile on your husbands face - because making them for you is as much of a gift for him, promise!!!

Our anonymous poster has chosen to keep her identity hidden so that she doesn't have to fend off modeling contracts from Victoria Secret.  But, I think we can all agree that she has killer stalks and has just flipped the world of sock giving on its head!!!


Socks don't have to be a boring gift...with a little creativity, you can make a very different kind of Christmas stocking.

I've used the fabulously named Going Rogue Socks pattern from The Wolf And The Tree - the adult version of the Abby's Trailblazing Socks we featured recently here.  You can use this pattern to make anything you want - mini crew, crew, bobby socks, knee high, thigh high and even leg warmers - in any knit fabric with at least 25% stretch.  So many choices - but the thing I really wanted to do with this pattern was to play with lace in some different ways.

First, I made boot socks - an idea I’ve seen and wanted to try.  These are the knee high length with elastic top, with some beautiful wide stretch lace trim sewn over the top hem.  The main part of the sock is a neutral poly knit with a bit of sparkle, which looks lovely, but these are really intended to hide under boots with just a peek of that lace at the top, giving just a hint of something more...

I would never have thought of making my own socks before, but now that I'd started, I wasn't going to stop at just one pair.  Next I cut into this lovely black stretch corded lace for thigh high socks, and used a shiny black spandex for the cuff … and from there I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves…

Once you have all the pattern pieces taped together, the actual cutting and sewing part is very quick and easy (under half an hour) and you can create something practical, cute, fun, unique or sexy - whatever your style.  You don't need a lot of fabric (you can do most styles with a yard or less), so it’s a great pattern to play with some different types of knits.  These socks would be perfect as a handmade gift - or why not make a little something for yourself, just for you, or to surprise someone special.