Sew Yourself Some Love: Omega Top and Twin Peaks Cardigan by Winter Wear Designs

For Todays Sew Yourself Some Love feature, Marnie is sewing the Omega Top and the Twin Peaks Cardigan by Winter Wear Designs.  Marnie know that fit matters to make you feel your best and these patterns fit the bill!  We will be wrapping this series up this week so make sure you check back again tomorrow.  

Hi,  it’s Marnie here and I do hope you are all enjoying SYSL here at Pattern Revolution. I really like this topic - it gives me a chance to think about what is missing from my wardrobe and what I need. Whilst many of you are getting excited about Winter leaving, I am feeling saddened as I do every year when it is time to farewell Summer and think about cooler weather. Whilst we have our final week of Summer next week, Autumn in Sydney is generally hot until mid April, and so I needed some pieces that could be worn with shorts or jeans, and accomodate the cooler nighttime temperatures, but very warm daytime temperatures that are typical of our autumn.

I’ve chosen to sew the Omega Top and Tunic from Winter Wear Designs, combined with the Twin Peaks Cardigan, also from Winter Wear. As I get older i find myself getting more and more picky with what I wear. And most of the time, if it’s not comfortable, I have zero interest in wearing it. My skin reacts to virtually everything, I get hives easily, half the time I don’t even know what from, and so I tend to favour natural fibres in my wardrobe. I have a big stash of rayon challis, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love it, and the Omega Top was perfect for this.

I made no alterations to the pattern other than to lower the neckline. Suzanne goes to great lengths to explain how to get the best fit for your figure and these are pages I highly recommend reading and not skipping over. For example for me, especially in a woven top, I know my bust and hip size generally falls in the same spot, but I almost always need to grade out to a bigger size for my shoulders. Understanding little things like that about your own body really helps get a better fit. I am so happy with the fit of this top - I made it from some rayon I have been hoarding like a pack rat because I love mint and I love geometric prints, and it’s so nice to have it sitting in my cupboard all sewn up instead of on the shelf in my fabric cupboard.

I made the top length Omega, with the high low hem. I love a good hi low hem. My widest part of my body is right where my hipbone meets my pelvis and I find that most tunic length tops that end right on, or just below this point just emphasise the widest part of my body. No matter what your size, balancing your body with where tops finish can make such a difference. I love the hi low hemline because it takes this issue away for me!

I paired the Omega top with the Twin Peaks Cardigan. Cardigans are by far my most worn items in my wardrobe. They are perfect for popping on over both short and long sleeve tops to create an extra layer of warmth and I make mine all out of Merino Wool Jersey. Merino Wool Jersey packs incredible warmth for its weight, but being a natural fibre, it breathes beautifully so can be worn without being to hot as well. While most wools can be itchy, premium grade merino wool is very very soft and not at all irritating and I just love it.

The cardigan was so fast and easy to sew up. I didn’t need to alter anything at all, except to add length to the sleeves, which I always need to do anyway! These two items match so many pants and shorts in my wardrobe and are definitely going to get a thorough amount of wear over the next few months!

Thanks for reading along.