One Thimble Issue 14-Blog Tour and Pattern Preview

Four times a year we get to preview the new One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine and today is that day for Issue 14! Today we are sharing some sneak peaks of the patterns and kicking off an amazing week-long blog tour.  One Thimble will be available starting on February 10, 2017.

Blog Tour February 10-15

What's Inside

Magazine Review by Merav

Hey hey Pattern Revolution friends! Merav here from Baby Hobbes Design sharing my first ever One Thimble Magazine, Issue 14 - review. What a thrill to preview the magazine, filled with 10 brand new patterns and loaded with sewing tricks and oodles of unique options.

I have been a fan of One Thimble since I got wind of it back in issue #9. I couldn't get over the incredible collaboration from talented designers and I loved the opportunity to expend my sewing library with modern twists and looks that go together. I immediately snagged the two unisex patterns, as I often saw for Hobbes (almost 7) and leave Lil Guy (almost 3) hanging in the wind. So join me below as I dedicate this review to my rainbow child who is currently obsessed with wearing action heroes.

Even though Chicago is frozen over, we are spending mid-winter break in 80 degree weather later this month and Thread Fiction #113 Capri-length Overalls in knits is just spot on for comfort and trend.

It features a dropped crotch, harem style width and rolled over cuffed legs. This pattern is EASY for a first time sewer, featuring pictures and how to steps BUT also a breeze (Thanks to Liz's crib sheets 'cliff notes style' directions) for a confident sewer.

The overalls slip on and off. Even the buttons, and in my case the snaps, are just there for decoration. Pattern is available from size 2-10 and in most of the smaller sizes-can be made from just ONE yard.

And to continue my Harem-unisex theme, I had to try the Justin Harem Pants by Serger Pepper Designs. I'll be very honest here; up to now I've only sewn knit pants for the little guy. With him still in diapers (I know, I know....but he refuses to let me train him and I rather be sewing then cleaning up accidents) woven pants are sometime a big flop on him as the pants crotch-diaper ratio is often overlooked once the kids are wearing size 2 and up. Knit is just more forgiving and can easily stretch to fit and cover. BUT these Harem style WOVEN-fabric pants had me entertaining the combination of structure and ease. I am so not disappointed!

The pants feature a drop waist, color blocking and hidden or sewn on pockets. The hidden pockets are a great add-on for the older kids, and what a deal! This pattern goes up to size 16. It's also easy to choose the size, with Irene's measurement chart that includes a waist-to-floor measurement option too.

Little guy is smaller on the bottom (size 2 in pants and 3 in tops) so I chose to only sew the front pockets. I love the width of the elastic waistband, and it stays in place through all his silly jumps, slides, and the occasional crawl on the floor.

Whomever you are sewing for, this magazine has you covered with items for kids, women, and gifts--you'll be happy trying out all 10 patterns. As for me, I have my eye on the Loli dress by Bobkin to sew for Hobbes. It features a flat front yoke that wraps under the arms – I have never sewn anything like it before.  Also, February is Sew-Yourself Some Love month here at Pattern Revolution, I can't wait to sew the Winter Wear Amuse dress, that includes patterns pieces for my plus size bod.



One last thing! One Thimble issue 14 is more than just the patterns. I love being inspired by the articles too. The piece by blogger So Sew Katie, about mindful sewing, really hit home as I am currently struggling to find a balance between sewing for art and sewing for my small batch production clothing line. I also appreciate the step-by-step tip of using a manual machine for sewing button holes! We have all been there. I dread sewing button holes because at times I literally hold my breath and hope that my machine doesn't fumble it. It's good to learn I can manually do it on my sewing machine.

Happy Sewing!

-Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design


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We hope you enjoyed the preview of One Thimble Issue 14!

Buy your copy of Issue 14 before 13th February and you’ll get a BONUS ZIP file with 5 boho themed designs.