Sewing to Rebuild: Final Number and Thank You Prizes

Over 600 items have been sent to OK - through the flickr group and notes that were sent in I have counted 627 items that have been sent by you to sewing to rebuild!!!!  My guess is that there might even be a few more floating around out there ;o)


Thank you all!!!!

Here are our Winners (chosen by

Grand Prize One

3 Pack Pattern Bundle from Ellie Inspired

2 Pack Pattern Bundle from Fancy Schmancy Living

Washing Label PDF from Vintage Laundry

Winner: Carolyn Baker

Grand Prize Two

3Pack Pattern Bundle from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Pattern of Choice from Aivilo Charlotte Designs

Pattern of Choice from Muse of the Morning

 Winner: Go Team Wood

Grand Prize Three:

3 Pack Pattern Bundle from LilyBird Studio

2 Pack Pattern Bundle from Monkeysbug 

Poppy Maxi Dress PDF Pattern (in size range of choice) from SIGnature Creations

Winner: Twila'sSew&Sew


Each of the following people have won a PDF Pattern of Choice from the designer listed next to their name:


 rissa_is_me: Coles Corner&Creations

Miller HIll Designs: Lilac Lane

mgoff: Terra's Treasures

Ali's Cottage: LadyBug Bend

Little Loves Photography: Hailey Bugs Closet

MFC444: Tikatuly Designs

Lucy My Funny Buddy: Fishsticks

Beaver Tales: Designs by Moo

 Peanuts boutique: Lilly Giggle

 Jan Moore 23: Tulips& Edelwiess

 Baby Bird Sewing: GreenStyle Creations

 DianeMom 2: Scientific Seamstress/Sis Boom

Congratulations to ALL - PLEASE leave a comment here with your flickr name and e:mail address so that we can get you your wonderful prizes!!!


Hello Everybody!!!  Welcome back to our week three update of Sewing to Rebuild, a month long effort to reach out to the victims of the OK tornadoes to show that our thoughts, love, and prayers are being sent in a tangible way.  If you are new to the Sewing to Rebuild concept, click HERE to learn more - Entries can be mailed off and entered into the flickr sewing group until 6/21 - so you still have plenty of time to sew up an outfit, a bag, a lovey, etc...  Thank you all for being involved!!!!

So in our flickr group this week we now have 342 Photos!!!  BUT WAIT...  If I add in the additional items (of which there are 56)- That brings us to a grand total of 398 - almost FOUR HUNDRED items have been sewn for OK!!!!  My heart is so full.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

If you have arranged a sewing group in your town, please let me know I'd love to hear about your stories and share them!

*Don't forget that bags are still in great need including Purses, Diaper Bags, Totes, Backpacks, etc...

 Here are just a few of the gorgeous creations that were added this week:

This dress, necklace, and matching bow are just too cute for words -  sent by: Mama Reita

Such a cute tierd ruffle dress by: SharonCase

How sweet is this little Minnie Romper!!! Thanks DianeMom2

I am so in love with this butterfly fabric: Thank you Carolyn Baker of Two Crazy Crafters 

Look at this little Jellyfish!!!  Great Job NeyNey's Stitches!

And for the BOYS

An adorable plush football!  by: Stacy Sews and Schools

What boy wouldn't love some camo - Thanks ArmyQuilting!

An Adorable backpack sent by Paige Holliday

*This uses the Made By Rae

Toddler Backpack Pattern

Look at these fun Lizard shorts!  Thank you Twila'sSewNSew!!!

There are so many other great contributions over on the Flickr page, check them out!!!  And don't forget - if you are sewing and sending something to 'Sewing To Rebuild', put a snapshot in the Flickr group so that I can keep count and enter you in the THANK YOU giveaways from our awesome Sponsors.  Also, include a little handwritten note using our garment tags found HERE.

We could not be doing this without each one of you - THANK YOU!

Sewing to Rebuild: Week two - and something for you!

Welcome to the Week TWO update on Sewing to Rebuild!

Want to know What Sewing to Rebuild is all about???  Click the button to read the original post!

Today we want to thank our amazing Sponsors for helping us put this together and spread the word.  Our Sponsors also want to thank YOU for stepping up and sewing to help those in need - giving of time and ability to make someone else's day a little easier, a little brighter.  We have 15 thank you gifts that will be going to randomly selected contributors (*so make sure to upload those images to Flickr so that I can keep count and you can be eligible for a great gift).

So what exactly are some of these awesome thank you gifts???

Well to start off there are THREE Grand Prizes:

Grand Prize One:

3 Pack Pattern Bundle from Ellie Inspired

2 Pack Pattern Bundle from Fancy Schmancy Living

Washing Label PDF from Vintage Laundry

Grand Prize Two:

3Pack Pattern Bundle from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Pattern of Choice from Aivilo Charlotte Designs

Pattern of Choice from Muse of the Morning

Grand Prize Three:

3 Pack Pattern Bundle from LilyBird Studio

2 Pack Pattern Bundle from Monkeysbug 

Poppy Maxi Dress PDF Pattern (in size range of choice) from SIGnature Creations

Then there are TWELVE individual PDF Patterns!!!

Cole's Corner & Creations, Lilac Lane, Terra's Treasures, LadyBug Bend, Tikatuly Designs

Fishsticks, Designs by Moo, Lily Giggle,Tulips&Edelweiss, GreenStyle Creations

Scientific Seamstress/SisBoom

A Total of 15 THANK YOU's for all you are doing to help!!! 

Check out these amazing designers' pages as a way of saying thank you to them for supporting this cause!!!


The packages have started to arrive!!! 

these images make my heart smile!!!

We have over 265 images that have been uploaded into the flickr group and an extra 24 items by my count included in those image - and that isn't counting the 'outfit' pictures as two pieces!!!  Here are just a couple things that made me go ohhh and ahhhh this week:

So perfect for summer holidays! by: AddingtonMom

keeping with the holiday theme - how perfect for the 4th of July!!

Thanks ChellySwartz

So in love with this fabric combination!!! by: HootyCutie

SIX of the

Tiya Tunic Dress

(donated by Tikatuly Designs)

Thank you RossisSweetPeas for these and the matching hair bows!!!!

8 Pairs of Boys Shorts!!!

Thank you Mary for organizing a group of sewists: 

Vivian Pedroza Rodriguez

Debbie Dietrich Smith

, Mary Vercher Smith, and 

Mary F. Striegel

There are so many more awesome contributions over there, Go Check Them Out!!!

*There is still an overwhelming need for bags, purses, diaper bags, backpacks, overnight bags, etc..  The community is carrying their worldly possessions on their back, lets find a way to make that easier!!!

Thank You for joining us, thank you for caring, 

thank you for making a difference 

one stitch at a time.

Sewing to Rebuild: Updates from Week One

To say I stand here AMAZED is an understatement... but maybe that means that I simply underestimated the determination and desire of the average mom with a sewing machine to get involved, to go beyond, to give LOVE.

Today marks the passing of one week since the Tornadoes devastated the town of Moore, OK.  Less than a week has passed since we dreamed up and decided to launch 'Sewing to Rebuild'.  In that time we have seen love pour out from mama's around the United States and world wide, from designers willing to give of their profits by donating patterns for people to sew, by the American Sewing Guild who found out about our efforts through a blogger, and yes to Bloggers and social media tweeters and pinners who have made sure that this message reached far and wide!

In this short time, we have 212 images in the Flickr group... I say images, because many entries represent more than one garment or bag.  Not only did we blow our original goal of 100 out of the water, we doubled it in less than a week.  How high can we shoot for now ladies?!?!?!

Here is a small sampling of what is pouring into the flickr page:

Outfit for Boys from the ever generous HopefulThreads

Superhero Shorts from Astrid Novak of SIGnature Creations

Dress by Ali's Cottage (she donated 31 dresses on DAY ONE!!!)

Much needed bags from Peanut's Boutique

Adorable baby tank from Roxanne Flores

Dresses from Robin Hill of Pattern Revolution

Girl's Outfit from BeaverTales

Squirrel Romper from Little Loves Photography

Seriously go check out the flickr group and your heart will grow three sizes today!!!

Now for some Seriously Awesome SHOUT OUTS:

-Thank you to Hopeful Threads for interrupting your normal blog posting schedule to get the word out to so many people.  Reading through your blog puts a smile on my face!

-Thank you to Shannon of Little Kids Grow, whose blog post about our efforts garnered the attention of the American Sewing Guild in OK and thus the National level of the American Sewing Guild.

-Thank You to Astrid Novak of SIGnature Creations!  Not only has she personally sewn a dozen or more items for this effort; she has gotten her group of sew alongers to sew an extra version of her Susie Skirt in toddler sizes to send on to OK!

-Thank You to Angelyn Bennett of Green Style Creations for risking the wrath of her mailman in accepting and distributing all of these amazing packages - the first one arrived to her house on Friday!!!  And don't be afraid of sending too many - she assures me that she has a large house ;o)

A Few Reminders:

-You have until June 21 to submit your items to the flikr group and get 'em in the mail!

-Feel free to use these tags to send a little note of love to the child receiving your garment

-We always need more items for boys as well as both genders in the larger sizes

-Bags, backpacks and suitcases are in desperate need as people have nowhere to store their belongings

-Although it is summer now, the rebuilding process will take MONTHS, clothing for all seasons are being accepted.

-Upload your snapshots to the flickr group, this is your entry for the giveaways and we'll do a few features each Monday.

Speaking of giveaways.... we'll be highlighting some of our amazing sponsors and what they would like to give back to YOU next Monday.

*if you are interested in donating a prize, please contact me directly at if you have not done so already!

Sewing To Rebuild: Bags and Plushies

It has come to our attention that there is a desperate need for bags, totes, backpacks, and small suitcases as most people are carrying everything they own from place to place.

Here is a list of some free bag options - if you own a bag pattern already feel free to use that as well!!!!

So Long Suitcase Bag

Be Mine Tote

Fat Quarter Tote Bag

Ruffle Tote Tutorial 

Simple Six Pocket Bag

Madeline Bag Tutorial



We also know that in losing everything, children have lost their bedtime cuddle or soft toys to love on.  If you aren't big on sewing garments, but love making plushies, dolls, or soft toys, please consider making something in this reign that could be included with a bag or outfit. *Once again, these are just idea, any pattern you already own would be great!

Cookie the Fox - Free Pattern

Black Apple Dolls

Kangaroo & Roo (Mama&Child) Stuffie

Soft Ball


Rainbow Sunshine Plushie (for babies) 


Once again, the address you can send your items to is:

Green Style Creations

CO: Sewing to Rebuild

508 Conquistador Ct 

Edmond OK 73025. 


Please considering including these tags with a little note in your package: 

Click Here

these will print as a 4x5 (4 to a page)

these will print as a 4x5 (4 to a page)

Thank you for your participation, and please keep spreading the word!!!

In one day we already have over 60 items in the flickr group - you are all amazing!!!!

Sewing to Rebuild

big button2.jpg

I sit here this morning listening to the reports of the OK tornadoes: at least 24 dead - 9 are children, neighborhoods flattened, people missing, thousands homeless.  In the face of natural disasters, mass poverty, and acts of horrendous human cruelty; I often find myself feeling too small to make any difference.  My natural reaction is to close off, pull my kids in for a hug, and thank God that it isn't me - it isn't mine.   I'm just a stay at home/work at home mom.  I have a full plate just keeping my kids clothed, fed, and safe... what can I do to make an impact???

The truth is, that I alone can't do much of anything.  But I can do SOMETHING - I CAN SEW.  I can pour out my love, my heart, and my prayers into the creation of a garment that will help someone rebuild.  A t-shirt isn't going to replace a world of lost possessions, but it is going to literally cover a child's back.  It is a symbol that someone, somewhere cares.

*If you would like to make a much needed monetary donation you can do so through the Red Cross by clicking here

Today we are launching: Sewing to Rebuild.  We are asking that you sew one garment (or more) and send it to:

Green Style Creations

CO: Sewing to Rebuild

508 Conquistador Ct 

Edmond OK 73025.

Down load these tags to include with your package by clicking HERE

We have joined with Angelyn of Green Style Creations because she lives so close to the town hit worst and therefore can be our eyes and ears on the ground.  She can ensure that these items make it to the local families, shelters, churches, and organizations that need them most.  She is our HEART in the heart of the devastation.

Here are a few Free PDF Patterns that are simple basics that people NEED: 


*You can make any garment to send, these are just some resources*


Tiya Tunic Dress :Donated by Tikatuly Designs

Girls Leggings : Donated by Ellie Inspired

*Ellie inspired has many more free patterns available HERE

Easy Twirl Skirt: Donated by Tie Dye Divas

Alyssa Dress: Donated by Hailey Bugs Closet


The Tank: Donated by Fishsticks Designs


Comfy Shorts: Donated by Designs by Moo


Truly Scrumptious Pants: Donated by Muse of the Morning


winter hat.jpg

Winter Hat: Donated by Lady Bug Lane Creations

*we know it is currently summer, but the devastation of the loss of EVERYTHING will affect these families for months to come.  Fall and winter donations are perfectly acceptable!!!


We are setting a goal of sending 100 articles of clothing to those in need in OK.  In order to track this goal, we ask that you upload ONE photo per garment to our flickr group... just a snap shot, in no way needs to be modeled.  As our way of saying THANK YOU for helping us in this endeavor, we will have a few people , chosen at random, receive a prize.  * Please make sure to have a sizing tag on your garment to make distribution easier*



Grab the code below to add a button to your blog to show your support for Sewing to Rebuild!

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