Women's Off Shoulder Cowl Neck Top by Everything Your Mama Made & More

We have decided to ban the term 'Selfish' Sewing here at Pattern Revolution, and re-name it Self-care Sewing!!!  We are going to have tons of great patterns for you to sew for YOURSELF in the new year, but today we are throwing out a great pattern from our affiliate Everything Your Mama Made & More: The Off Shoulder Cowl Neck Top&Tunic.  If you think that some little elves out there may have left shopping for mama for last, send them a link to this pattern - this is a gift that won't disappoint!

This pattern is available in women's sizes XS-5X... and if you are looking to get one more gift done in a short amount of time to sneak under the tree, this pattern fits the bill.   This pattern is also available in Children's sizing NB-18y - you can read the full review of the Child version HERE.  Both of our reviewers of the women's sizing also whipped one up for their daughters... shows just how quickly this one comes together!!!

Enter bellow to win the bundle of both size ranges, and if you already own one or both already you can trade out for another pattern with proof of purchase!!!! 

Here are Becca and Sarah to show off the newest additions to their wardrobes...

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review


I'm a "petite" person. Hands.. feet.. the only thing about me that ISN'T small is my mouth. (But that's only OK when I say it!) Off-the-rack, the only things that fit me are intended for preteens. 

But I'm ALSO a mom. And I can't be showing up at a play date dressed up like Hannah Montana! (Yup. I'm like a decade behind in my teeny-bopper references, and I'm actually quite proud of that!)

So, when this selfish-sew crossed my path, I saw great promise! 


The EYMM Off-Shoulder Cowl Neck is perfect mommy-wear: modest, comfortable, FLATTERING. Swap the boots for flats and I can run after BOTH my mobile babies in this get-up.

Come to think about it.. those are all the same earmarks of a great kid's pattern, too! 


It sews up super fast, and is a great design for the new-to-knit sewist. The well written and clearly illustrated assembly is a breeze, and the whole thing comes together really easily. 

In fact, the hardest parts about this pattern were the pattern-assembling (Overlap the pages! Do *NOT* cut off what you think are margins!) and fabric-cutting steps! I made the tunic-length XS for myself and found the suggested yardage a tight squeeze. Next time I'll error with caution and get more fabric. (Particularly if the knit has a print to be mindful of when placing the pieces!)

I'd also size-down (in both the women's and the children's) for a slimmer fit. The sleeves, especially, are a bit wide for my taste. The pattern includes great instructions for customizing the length of the sleeves and the body - perhaps a few lines about customizing sleeve width would be helpful too!

Overall, we're loving our mommy-daughter tunics!

Overall, we're loving our mommy-daughter tunics!

Hello everyone!  This is Sarah and I am here today with a review of the Off The Shoulder Cowl Neck Top and Tunic from Everything Your Momma Made.

I don't often sew for myself, I am guessing I am not alone here.  My girls are so easy to sew for; there are tons of great patterns and they look cute in everything.  Me? Not so much. But lately I have been wanting to branch out more and do a few nice things for me.  After all, we need to take care of mama too! So I jumped at the chance to review this one.

But I couldn't leave the kiddo out, so I made one for her too.  

This pattern comes in both a women's version and a children's version and the size range is HUGE; Newborn to size 18 tween in the children's version and XS to 5X in the women's version.  That is some serious range!  

The pattern is nested into two sets in each pattern.  There is a handy chart that tells you which pages to print for your size range (and I wish I had seen it before I printed all of the pages!) There are size charts, finished measurements and even brief directions for altering the pattern pieces. Like, like, like.  

Best of all? THREE pattern pieces to cut.  That's it.  I like that too!

For the fit, I was all over the measurement chart for my sizing.  I fell into three different sizes for my measurements, but I picked the middle one and went with it.  For my daughter I made her store bought size and it was a perfect fit.  

The construction of the top is very straightforward and easy to follow.  It was super quick too.  I added clear elastic to my neckline because my fabric was super stretchy, which added just a touch of time, but it still only took about an hour to complete.  And it came out GREAT! (If I do say so myself...)

The fit was great and very comfy.  I made ours out of sweater knit and it is so comfy and warm that I wore it all day after I  made it.  I love an outfit that is comfortable AND stylish!  I got tons of compliments too :) 

This is very much and off the shoulder top, a style that I wear pretty much never.  But was able to pull it up around the neck to be a bit more modest with no trouble at all.  

The only change I made to the pattern was to narrow the sleeve on the women's version a bit.  It has a wider sleeve, which is cute too, but not my preference.  My daughters sleeves were 3/4 length due to a slight miscalculation on my part (oops!) My sleeves were a bit long, but I just shortened them a bit before hemming.  Being almost 6 feet tall, I would definitely rather they run a little long rather than having to lengthen them.  

I was very impressed with this pattern, and in a pattern for something I made for myself, that is high praise.  I went into this thinking I'd give it a try and that I probably wouldn't like it. After all, I am a girl who rarely wears anything besides yoga pants. I was wrong (yes, I will admit it!) I LOVE the top! I might just have to sew a few more for myself. And with the tunic length, I bet I could even wear it over yogas pants...

Warning: wearing of this sweater may cause spontaneous raking.  

See you next time!

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