Aria's Bow Back Dress and Top by The Simple Life Pattern Company:

It’s a busy time of year in the world of sewing and patterns, with many pattern companies releasing new designs to get us all thinking about what we would like to sew for the upcoming seasons ahead. One of my favourite patterns to be released recently is the Aria’s Bow Back Dress and Top from The Simple Life Company.

My daughter is becoming increasingly fussy as she gets older, and her wardrobe is almost all made up of items made from knit fabric. She does not generally like to wear “scratchy” (her word for anything made from quilting cotton) dresses, and so I was delighted to get a chance to sew this pattern up. It is drafted and sized for knits, so she can still have a pretty dress with the comfort of wearing knit fabrics.

It comes with a huge range of options - dress length or top length, an optional ruffle for the bottom, several different sleeve lengths making it perfect for all climates, and the delightful bow feature in the back. For those wanting more warmth or more modesty, there is an option modesty panel for the back that goes underneath the bows.

I found this to be a fast easy sew with a delightful result! A simply gorgeous dress!


Carries version of the Aria paired with the Tiffany: