The Aria dress by Simple Life Pattern Company

It is the time of year when I start to sew fall and winter clothes for my girls. As I look at my fabric I realize I have collected mostly knits so I am needing some cute knit patterns with sleeves. So many of my knit patterns are either tank dresses or they have a plain bodice and a skirt but I am wanting something with a bit more details.

So, I looked around until I found the Aria dress by SLPCO! My girls and I LOVE the bow back of the aria dress. It is such a cute detail and it sets the dress apart from so many other patterns. You can make it with a modest back or open back which makes it easy to wear in cold and warm weather! It also has an option for a straight or circle skirt and a sleeveless, flutter, short and long sleeve option. This dress will be sewn and worn by my girls year round for a long, long time!