EYMM Capsule Skirt Tour

Lisa here from Not Sew Selfish, joining the blog tour for Pattern Revolution with the Women’s version of the EYMM Capsule Skirt.  The thing I love about blog tours is seeing what lots of people do with the same pattern - all the different looks you can get with different fabric choices and style preferences.  I decided to do that for myself - to make this skirt in two quite different ways, to show off the versatility of the pattern.

The pattern talks about fabric selection for the skirt - you need good cotton knit for the best result with your waistband, but you can use almost any knit fabric for the main part of the skirt.  The pattern also includes a great picture of different fabrics draped over the same object, to give you an idea of how different they will look when sewn up, depending on the drape.  So I decided to choose two very different fabrics to show you that difference in real life.

Given that we are at the point of changing seasons, I thought the best way to do this was to make a look for each of the seasons - one for the last of the warm weather we are having here in Australia, and one to give me something to look forward to wearing as we head into winter here.  I know it’s the other way around for most of you right now!

The first, summery version I’ve made is using a very drapey polyester knit - it’s very light, stretchy and slippery, and drapes beautifully.  I’ve used a cotton lycra in a matching colour (which you can’t see here) for the waistband.  I chose not to add pockets to this version, because I think they would show up too much underneath the very light fabric.  I’ve also done a rolled hem, because this fabric was so slippery, I didn’t want to have to deal with turning up the hem and keeping it even!

The second version is a jacquard knit, for a winter look.  This doesn’t have much stretch at all, and I often pick up knits like this and wonder what to do with them.  Now that I’ve made this, I’ll be going back to the fabric store for some more winter-weight textured knits to make more Capsule Skirts!  I absolutely love this one.  Because it is quite heavy and stiff, without much drape, it sits out much more than the polyester knit, and really shows off the a-line shape of the skirt.  I’ve made this version with the optional pockets (also a great feature for winter).

I’m wearing these skirts quite high on my waist, but with the knit waistband, it’s very easy to wear this skirt sitting higher or lower, depending on your preference.  Just take that into account when deciding on your length - you’ll see these skirts sit a bit shorter on me (which I’m happy with) because I prefer to wear them up a bit higher.

This is a great skirt if you want to get started with making something for yourself, or if you want (or need!) to make yourself something to wear at the last minute - if you don’t do the pockets, it’s as simple as a front piece, back piece, and knit waistband.  I made the summer one in less than half an hour.  (Definitely quicker than doing the laundry!).

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