Melanie and Aubrey dresses by Modkid

Hi everyone, it’s Brooke from idlesunshine and I am reviewing two patterns by Modkid Patterns - the Melanie & Aubrey dresses. These knit dresses are great all year round, but as we are coming into the cooler months here in Australia I knew I could make a version of each that would be beautiful and warm for my girls.

Both patterns have 3 sleeve options - short, elbow and long sleeves, and I chose the long sleeves for both. The Melanie has a regular set in sleeve style while the Aubrey has a dropped shoulder style.

Both dresses have pockets - the Melanie has oversized side pockets and the Aubrey has a hidden Kangaroo pocket. You could leave them off for both patterns for a super quick sew, but we love pockets! In a winter version, pockets are a little bonus as they are handy for keeping your hands warm!

I made them both in a size 6 as my girls have fairly similar measurements, which leaves the sleeves and hem a little long on Miss 6 but perfect on Miss 9. I could have modified the length for her, but I don’t mind this, as I know they will switch and share these dresses and Miss 6 will catch her sister sooner or later anyway!

While they have a few similarities, these patterns are quite different in design. I have mentioned the sleeve style, but the overall fit is different. The Melanie is a relaxed fit A-line dress, it has a simple hemmed neckline, straight side panels and bound pockets which allow you to mix and match your fabrics.

The Aubrey dress is a slimmer design. It has a bound neckline, it also has side panels but they are curved and they hide the opening to the kangaroo pocket. I love that both dresses let you play with fabric combinations, which is my favourite thing to do!

Choosing my fabrics often takes longer than sewing for me! I kept it fairly simple here and used a plain navy blue, heavier weight ponte fabric for warmth. I mixed up the coordinating prints which were both upcycled knits. There is a bit of a difference in the weights of the fabrics I used, which is not what I would recommend to do, but they look great and coordinate nicely, so I ran with it. These dresses were great in our warm Autumn weather with sandals, but they will be cosy as it cools with tights and boots!

I loved reviewing these patterns, the instructions were great and I love the style of the dresses. No matter the weather in your part of the world, you can make a gorgeous Melanie or Aubrey dress to suit!

Happy sewing, Brooke x