Cheyenne Skirt by Little Lizard King

Hi! I’m back to talk about Little Lizard King’s new Cheyenne skirt! Let’s start with Jenna’s age… She’s now 6 and in first grade. She might as well be a teenager (thank goodness she’s not!). She’s very particular about what she wears. I’ve learned to request her input on outfits or they will hang in the closet and never get worn beyond that first photo shoot, if we even get that far with them. Our 100th day of school was fast approaching and she designed a shirt with painted polka dots numbering 100. She requested a shirt to match. We had to match neon pink, orange and green… It was a tall order. She chose Anne Kelle’s Supergirl fabric in pink. Now, it’s not the heavier woven the pattern calls for, but it does work.

The Cheyenne skirt is sized from an itty bitty 12 month baby skirt up to girls size 14. Jenna landed in the size 6 range with slightly wider hips, but it worked by sewing a straight 6. I LOVED not having to tape together pattern pieces! This is a very basic pattern with rectangular shapes. It’s super easy for a beginner! The result is much more than a basic skirt though. My Jenna did not want to take her new bubble skirt off! I love the clean lines of the wide elastic at the top. It was SO EASY! The elastic really helps take this beginner pattern up a notch. People won’t believe you when you say you made it! I kept getting interrupted while sewing, but I still managed to sew it in about an hour. Beginners may take longer because gathering that skirt does require patience. I can’t wait to see all the Cheyenne skirts you gals will make! While you’re over at Little Lizard King’s website, be sure to check out the other patterns in their new Faux Collection! Thanks for reading!