The Harbor Hoodie by New Horizons

The Harbor Hoodie is cozy!  I’ve had my eye on this pattern by New Horizons since its debut in 2015.  Life gets busy and my list of “patterns to buy” fell to the wayside.  I took a mini-vacay from my usual hustle and bustle to create my very own stretch corduroy & sherpa Harbor Hoodie (minus the hoodie).  I love it!


BoHo Sportswear Stretch Corduroy and Faux Fur Sherpa were finds at my local Joann.  


Sherpa.  Everywhere.  I’ve worked with fur and know the drill.  Somehow I didn’t prepare myself for the Sherpa.  


As I pulled up the photos to use for this review, I could see dustings of fuzziness all over the jacket.  You’ve been there right?  

The tie closure, pockets and collar option make this my leisure/comfy jacket for the occasional bout of cold weather in South Louisiana.  I could also choose other stretch fabrics to make lighter or heavier versions; and, of course, make a hoodie.  

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Happy Sewing,

gloria june