Deer Creek Tunic and Dress by New Horizons Designs

Hello! Leonie here to tell you about my experience with the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress from New Horizons Designs. I was really drawn to the tester pics of this dress as it is similar to a readymade dress already in my cupboard that I wear quite a lot during the summer months.

I own some other New Horizons Designs patterns, but I must confess I have never actually found the time to sew any of them yet!! I was really impressed with how well laid out the pattern tutorial is. There are even hyperlinks at the bottom of each page you can click to take you to the part of the tutorial you wish to view. The line drawings throughout make the accompanying word picture very easy to follow.

I was disappointed, however, that the measurements are only imperial. The addition of metric measurements for those of us outside of the States would be a nice touch. I had trouble piecing together US Letter pattern pieces printed on A4 paper, but I have since discovered A4 pattern pieces are available upon request for those of us outside the US.

The sizing on the ladies pattern is spot on with measurements. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the girls version. My daughter measures for a size 7, which is also what she ordinarily wears, but I found the fit to be extremely large on her. Better than the other way around, of course, at least she can grow into it!! However, it is worth noting that Paige did not have the same fit issue with her version. 

I believe the design is flattering and it is certainly a pattern that I will make again in the future. I hope you enjoy your Deer Creek experience also.


Paige's Version