The Bayside Romper and Dress by New Horizons

Hello! Leonie here, to chat to you about the Bayside Romper {and Dress} by New Horizons Designs.

It’s verging on winter here, yet I decided to make myself the shorts version of this romper. Why, you may ask? Because I have been caught out too often using up my good fabric on patterns that don’t work on my body… I need not have worried!! Probably especially since I have sewn with New Horizons patterns previously. Also, I do think this will be a great summer outfit!!

I was a little unsure about sizing, as I measured at the very limit of medium. I took to the New Horizons Facebook group and set about investigating responses to other’s questions about fit. I decided sticking with medium would be okay. I also asked the group about other sewer’s experiences with height, which is my usual issue, and discovered {as expected} it was created for a more average height than mine. To be sure, I did make a muslin of the bodice, but then felt quite confident to simply add 2.5cm {1 inch) to each of the “lengthen here” marks on the pattern pieces. These investigations were well worth the time as I am very happy with the fit of the final product.

As I mentioned before, I have previously sewn with New Horizons patterns and had success. I was pleased to have enjoyed this one also. The tutorial is well put together and even has hyperlinks for navigating to the various parts of the PDF, which is a pretty cool feature. The instructions are accompanied by very clear computer generated line drawings.

I did find two parts a little confusing… both involved elastic, funnily enough! Somehow I missed the “, denoting inch, after a ½ and managed to cut the elastic measurement in half, rather than cutting ½” off… that was time costly!! Anyway, that whole boo-boo wasn’t entirely corrected by my unpicking, ultimately, so the back bodice tends not to sit exactly as it should. Luckily I have learnt from that experience and will know what to do next time around {and this romper will be just fine for a trip to the pool in summer}. My other elastic woe involved me being unable to find the instructions about cutting the waist elastic and the tutorial indicated I should have already read them… I decided to wing that one and came out unscathed! Really, it’s just a case of try it on and work it out, so pretty difficult to get it wrong.

The only thing I felt I would like to have seen was some tester photos in the tutorial somewhere. Just because they are good to see how the garment is designed to fit, especially when comparing it to a muslin. I was able to easily find them in the aforementioned Facebook group, but that is not necessarily so easy once a pattern has been around for a few months and the photos get buried in the feed.

I’m pretty sure I will be making more of this one… enjoy!!

Chris's version:

Katherine's Version: