Christmas Gifts featuring patterns from Little Lizard King and My Childhood Treasures

When looking through patterns and thinking about what I want to sew as Christmas gifts this winter I used two criterion: can the item be sewn in an hour or less and will the pattern work for multiple recipients?

The first pattern I chose was the Have a Ball pattern from Little Lizard King. I chose this pattern specifically for my one year old nephew because babies love balls and balloons but balloons aren’t safe for babies, but it will be perfect with a pattern cover. After I finished my project and took it to the park for pictures my school aged kids had a blast playing with their balloon! My kids were begging me to make them balloon covers so they can have their own! This project did take me about an hour to complete. The pattern is created for 8” or 12” balloons, I was not certain what size balloons I have so I googled it and I thought I had 12” balloons. However, after I finished my project it seems I had 8” balloons, so just be aware when you are choosing your size.

My second pattern I chose for Christmas sewing this year is b904 from My Childhood Treasures. I chose this pattern because clutches are really on trend and will work as gifts for so many women in my life: my sister in law, my kid’s teachers, my girlfriends and I’m even making one for myself! This pattern comes with three size options and I sewed the smallest size. The night I made my clutch I was not in the mood to sew a zipper, but this pattern made it so easy I had no problem sewing it in under an hour!

I’ve sewn for the kids on my list and I’ve sewn for the woman in my life, with just two patterns I have sewn for almost all of the people on my list!